Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Yarrr. There Be Evangelists Here.

First of all, Casey, if you think I’ve touched on any of your “faults as a human being,” you’re wrong. You’re a unique, beautiful, honest, and loving person. So you’re shy. So your courage rests on shifting sand. So you’re a little naïve. Guess what. The same is true for me. You’ll find your own way, just as I will find mine. And that holds true for everyone. We all find our own way. And if you can find a point in the untidy mess of my last post it’s this: you shouldn’t apologize for searching, deciding, and testing your way.

Now, you should apologize when you act like a dick. So recognizing that fault in myself, no matter how righteous I may feel, I owe you an apology. And here it be.

Sorry for being a dick. Now, show me your valve.

So, this morning at 6:30am as I left the apartment I kicked a rolled bundle of papers someone left outside my door the previous night. I figured it was one of the newsletters the apartment manager leaves now and again. I threw it in the door and went to class and didn’t think twice about it. That is, until I got back.

Upon entering the apartment, I kicked the bundle again. My somewhat dulled sense of cleanliness compelled me to pick it up, and my curiosity demanded I open it to see if I was being evicted for my roommate’s inability to take out the trash. But no sweet eviction for me. No no. It turns out that they’ve found me. And to think I was rid of them for good when I sent Shane packing.

Oh what folly! Those bastards at Southern Adventist University have found me! I suspect it was that sweet girl from G-19 who begged to use my water closet last Sunday when she locked herself out of her apartment. She wound up hanging out for a bit while she waited for her roommate to get back with a key. She seemed like a nice enough girl. But, I’m afraid that I have to lay this accidental violation of my personal privacy on her doorstep…not unlike a bundle of evangelism bound with irritation instead of a rubber band. Oh misdirected anger! Oh foolishness!

I probably shouldn’t blame her. But how else would they know where I live. Was I the only one to get this shit? It doesn't really matter. I’ve decided to let the event itself slide. However, like the proud pedant that I am, hungry for all words printed, I read the letter from Dr. Sheffield and the attached pamphlet; "What the Bible Says About Prophecy."

I’ll tell you about what I read in the next update. You’ve suffered enough for now. Go. Recover your strength. For next time we delve into Chuck’s spiritual beliefs. God help you, kuz it ain’t gona be pretty.


At 10:02 PM, Blogger anawinston said...

you are pretty!!

At 3:31 PM, Blogger suit case said...

I agree....you are pretty


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