Sunday, March 19, 2006

Last Week and Stuff in Peanut Armour

Was sick for 5 days of my spring break, which sucked ass. Missed Cara's party 'cause of it (Sorry baby. I makes it up to you, I swears it, precious!). Was confined to the house by overweening parents and allowed outside only for the purpose of walking the dog. Watched a lot of TV. Saddened by politics. Didn't care some dude with a difficult name to pronounce, let alone spell, died in his prison cell in Holland. Slept a lot. Ate my first home-cooked meals in months. Read nothing. Spent a lot of time with the folks. Formulated the middle, ending, and characters of my short story for creative writing. Didn't write a word of it down. (It's all up here, baby. *clunk clunk*) Ate Magic Wok on my last day in town, and earned a new nickname from Betty: "Professor."

Dad let it slip that I decided not to teach. Better was maaaaaaaaad at me. She's afraid I'm going into theatre like some of you dumb fuckers. "Teachers earn the highest respect in my country," she said. I almost said, "This ain't China," but decided to just smile and nod, like we always do with her. Yes, Betty, we're good kids. A lot more human than you would like us to believe, but yeah, we're good kids...when we're sober.

I'm about to start writing my 4 page paper that's due tomorrow. It's going to be about Shakespeare's Richard II. I like it for a buncha reasons. I remember Rhys talking about Death of a Salesman and how you read it over and over again and keep finding more and more layers and shit. Kinda cool to look at something and see stuff that's buried way down in there. Richard II is about history, and people, and politics, powerlessness and blah blah blah. I should start on the paper now, wound up as I am...

So fuck it. I'm gone, bitches.


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