Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Goings On

It's no coincidence that my lack of updating has to do, in large part, with the lack of significant events of late. Sadly, the only real achievements of mine in the last month or so has taken place in a virtual world, and I'm not going into that with you. I'll just say that things are dragging on as usual.

The new job and I are getting along quite well. I'm not getting enough hours but the entire point was to get me out of the house anyway, so I won't complain. Some of the people who work in the hotel, just a couple really, are not very pleasant. But I'm having fun and making a couple bucks so it's a great gig even though it is punctuated with brief moments of actual "work." I'm still no closer to figuring out the larger problem even though several people across the country have made efforts to nudge me in certain directions. But like most things I think the solution will reveal itself in time and forcing it isn't going to help much. If not, it's a good thing I like the smell of coffee...I may be doing it for a while.

You'll notice a couple new additions to the List-O-Peeps over there to the right. Don't take their sudden appearance to symbolize any spectacular events. It was never a snub that their names were absent for so long. At least I hope it hasn't been perceived as one. It dawned on me a couple days ago that there was no reason for them not to be there other than my own laziness. So there they are. I have righted a wrong, so quit yer gawkin. We're done for now anyway.


At 5:47 PM, Blogger anawinston said...

oh you must be working and not updating or hanging out with me.


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